Jillian Friedman, principal attorney at Friedman Law, is actively working to promote equity crowdfunding and is part of a team that recently launched a not-for-profit organisation called Equity Crowdfunding Quebec (Financement participatif en capital Québec). This organisation’s goal is to promote and support the development of equity crowdfunding in Quebec.

To access the FPCQ press release click here.

Who are we?Equity Crowdfunding Québec (“ECQ”) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote and support, at the provincial level, the development of equity crowdfunding.

Our members comprise large corporations, start-ups, SMEs, stakeholders from the financial and entrepreneurial sectors, as well as citizens looking to gain insight into this new form of financing.


The Mission of ECQ, which was formed by a group of concerned local industry participants is to:

  • Lobby the local Quebec Securities Regulator, L’Autorite de Marches Financiers, in order to ensure that equity crowdfunding is made accessible to the average citizen, business owner, and investor in the province of Quebec.
  • Educate the general public and local business owners and investors on the opportunities stemming from this new financing model.
  • Offer and share information with its members about how this new financial model is being implemented across the globe, and to promote discussion and comment regarding the effectiveness of these efforts in various jurisdictions.
  • Provide recognition to Quebec’s equity crowdfunding industry and highlight the contributions of local portals, consultants, companies and individuals to the growth of equity crowdfunding in the province of Quebec.

Our Vision

ECQ strives to contribute to the sustainability of Quebec businesses through promoting alternate forms of financing and engaging the public in the success of our ecosystem.

ECQ believes that the development of equity crowdfunding in Quebec and the democratization of this new form of financing can support an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, contributing to the creation of innovative businesses, the growth of SMEs, and job creation, in addition to enabling citizens to invest in companies and projects they chose to support.

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